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" Jenn is a Unicorn of a being—

Someone that could parachute into any situation and would immediately adapt to the situation, make friends with everyone, own the room…and still have time to conduct an interview, write a book and talk eloquently about the subject she loves.

I want to be Jen when I grow up."


-Julie Weir

Label Head at

Sony Music, Music for Nations 

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Jen was 

heavily featured

in Pandora Sykes

#1 BBC podcast,

Pieces of Britney.


Will Sargeant,

Echo and The Bunnymen 

"Jennifer enters your life like whirlwind, then leaves your head spinning with fresh ideas. She is a great writer and a music aficionado that always entertains and never bores"


Chali 2na,

Jurassic 5 

"I Love Jen Otter Bickerdike" 

Lucas Macfadden,

Cut Chemist

"Learn and Laugh with my brat pack BFF. Jen has a true gift of gab like none other."