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" Jenn is a Unicorn of a being—

Someone that could parachute into any situation and would immediately adapt to the situation, make friends with everyone, own the room…and still have time to conduct an interview, write a book and talk eloquently about the subject she loves.

I want to be Jen when I grow up."


-Julie Weir

Label Head at

Sony Music, Music for Nations 


Will Sargeant,

Echo and The Bunnymen 

"Jennifer enters your life like whirlwind, then leaves your head spinning with fresh ideas. She is a great writer and a music aficionado that always entertains and never bores"


Chali 2na,

Jurassic 5 

"I Love Jen Otter Bickerdike" 

Lucas Macfadden,

Cut Chemist

"Learn and Laugh with my brat pack BFF. Jen has a true gift of gab like none other."