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The covid lockdown(s) found Jen desperately missing discussing crucial topics with friends, things like favorite soundtracks of all time and first celebrity crushes. The conversations that would have taken place in a pub over a round or two of cocktails moved to zoom, going virtual because of the pandemic. Jen started recording the chats, thinking they were too fun to not share with other people, with an eye to start a podcast.


Then life happened. One book that Jen edited became a Sunday times bestseller; another a critically acclaimed biography, nominated for numerous prestigious awards internationally; a third, an Amazon #1 best-seller. The super entertaining possible podcast was momentarily paused.


But people kept asking, ‘What happened to that time you talked to Chali 2Na of Jurassic 5? What about your interview with Johnny Marr? WHEN ARE YOU STARTING YOUR PODCAST!?!?!,’ including Jen’s good friend, acclaimed journalist and media commentator Tecla ‘Texx’ Ciolfi (founder and host of South Africa’s second biggest podcast, TEXX AND THE CITY). With topics spanning from Cut Chemist’s maverick rescue chicken empire to professional skateboarder Alex White coming out as a thirty-something, Texx persuaded Jen that the content was too good to keep on ice any longer.  From discussing the importance of Coolio to reveling in the brilliance of the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, Rock N Roll Confidential will have you laughing and crying in equal measures.

Jen believes in mentoring the next generation of music obsessives, and has hand picked a crack team of young creatives to help produce, project manage, plan and run social media and illustrate each episode of the pod. Check out the group of super stars that make up the RNRC team here.

Each episode features a bespoke curated playlist of the songs discussed and inspired by the show. Theme music used throughout the pod created by Julia Ruzicka's This Becomes Us.

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