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I have had the pleasure of doing loads of interviews to talk about #BeingBritney and #FreedBritney. Here are a couple of my favorites, from chatting about why BLACKOUT is punk rock with Alex at Scene Magazine to talking #FreeBritney with advocates Megan, Leanne and Jared from #FreeBritneyLA and getting the Woman's Hour treatment on the BBC. Yep, I even got some time with the legend that is Jeremy Kyle! Click on image to listen.


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New Recording 25Jen on Jeremy Kyle
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UK radio calls on Jen to talk Britney after the singer's day in court June 23, 2021.

Jen celebrates Britney's 40th birthday with a return to the fabulous A Brave Moment podcast with the wonderful Kat Savage. Click here to listen.

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Woman’s hourBeing Britney on BBC Sounds Woman's Hour
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Jen on the BBC World News


The fabulous Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Radio interviews Jen about Nico on the Late Night Book Club. Listen below.

Jen interviewed by Gideon Coe

Jen's  fan girl almost explodes as she gets to talk with friend and heroine Susanna Hoffs about Nico, writing and music at the iconic Book Soup in Los Angeles. Click here to listen. 


Rock ’n’ Roll historian Jennifer Otter Bickerdike comes to the Bureau to set matters straight and talk about her upcoming book 'You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone: The Biography of Nico’ (Faber). We dig into why female musicians, junkies and artists in the counterculture have been treated differently, even mythologised differently, than their male counterparts; why Iggy Pop is so cool and why Nico still matters.


Bucket list item (almost) checked as Jen does a 3am UK time / 7pm virtual in-store at hometown Bookshop Santa Cruz.


Jen stops by the Bigmouth podcast to talk Nico, her love for Big Freedia and confides her past obsession with The Strokes. Listen to it all here.

Jen visits the babes at Rock's Back Pages to gab Nico, Jackson Browne and West Coast rock. Click here to listen.


Jen talks to artist Kat Savage about writing, Nico, the importance of grandparents, her bad ass Aunt Janet and her upcoming book on Britney Spears. Click here to listen.

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